Monday, May 7, 2018

VIDEO: WA State Public Servant Grabs Camera, Violates Lawful Citizen

(Seattle, WA) - A man recently visited the Washington State Department of Transportation: Good to Go! Customer Service Center in Seattle in order to ask questions about obtaining a "Good to Go" pass for tolled highways and film the process. Upon arriving workers of Washington State almost immediately begin committing crimes against the man including coercion, criminal mischief and official misconduct. 

(0:34) I browse Good to Go! customer reviews.
(2:02) Video of firearm restriction sign with relevant code.
(2:35 ) I confirm that I am in State Building.
(2:29) Customer Advocate Manager says "no pictures."
(2:57) I film and question unlawful sign.
(3:15) Public servant refuses service and tries to block camera.
(3:29) I converse with managers about unlawful signage, misconduct and coercion against civil rights. Managers fail to answer simple questions and are not familiar with their own ethical policies.
(4:05) I inform managers of their "Unfair Public Accommodations Practices" and discrimination according to SMC 14.06.
(4:24) Managers admit discrimination and their ongoing attempts to violate citizen's 1st amendment rights.
(7:58) I tell them I am press and inform them that "In public areas there is no distinction between individuals employees by media organizations and those who are not."
(11:59) I tell them their restrictions on photography are unlawful and they are dumbfounded.
(12:30) I offer to show Managers the laws they are violating and they refuse to be educated.
(13:07) I ask for customer service and am denied by 2nd public servant who threatens to "sue me back to the stone ages," then REACHES OVER THE DESK, GRABS AND HOLDS ON TO MY PROPERTY.
(14:09) Body cam provides second angle of PUBLIC SERVANT
(14:40) 3rd customer service rep says that I can't film in public "according to my rules" then blocks camera.
(15:00) I tell him his behavior is "unethical", but he doesn't care.
(15:03) Ethical public employee wants to intervene to help me. 
(15:10) Customer service managers refuse to intervene.
(15:19) Public servant says "I want him arrested."
(16:19) Public servant says "There's no proof of me grabbing the camera" while on at least 3 cameras."
(16:33) Ethical public employee intervenes, deescalates and provides excellent and efficent customer service.
(18:48) Ethical public employee describes Good to Go! business model, which includes photographing license plates in public.
(21:55) Unethical customer service managers refuse to identify public employees to a member of the public.
(23:09) I apologize to a manager for calling him "belligerent."
(24:10) I get a drink of water and see the public servant again; he does the walk of shame.
(24:38) I try to wait for the police, but they are not coming.
(25:05) I show manager the U.S. constitution, my press pass and other obligatory ethical codes. 
(26:51) Customer Advocate Manager says I can "take all the pictures I want," but still asks that I not photograph public employees in public.
(29:26) Lady Manager continues to argue that public employees have a reasonable expectation of privacy when working in public. I explain what "reasonable" means, Manager says "you're right" and then I leave.

Public employees display disdain for freedoms of citizens.
Violations include, but are not limited to:
- United States Constitution #1, #14
- SMCode. 14.06.010 - .030 - "Discrimination"
- RCW 9A.80.010 - “Official Misconduct”
- RCW 9A.84.010 - “Criminal Mischief”
- RCW 9A.36.070 - “Coercion”
- RCW 42.20.100 - “Failure of Duty by Public Officer”   
- RCW 9A.04.020, 1; a-b-c-d
- RCW 42.50 - "Ethics in Public Service"
- 42 U.S.C. 1983 - "Deprivation of Rights"