Tuesday, April 30, 2019

VIDEO: Police Have Distain for the U.S. Constitution at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall

(April 30th, 2019) A constitutionalist and journalist for Accountability Media who was walking near Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall was illegally detained, handcuffed, searched, and imprisoned in the back of a vehicle by military and police for recording from a public sidewalk and not waiving his constitutional rights when questioned.

Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Police personnel involved include Staff Sargent Hook who directed Officers Danials and Lewis to commit civil rights violations due to civil rights assertions.

After repeated intimidation attempts the constitutional man is eventually released from unlawful detention/arrest by a Detective Mitchell, who pretends like the violations are no big deal.

Since the publication of this video public records about the incident created by Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall have been destroyed and the entire page of the base police has also been removed.

According to Accountability Media, the base police department faced controversy in 2017 "due to PD personnel posing for a photo pretending to beat one of their own:"

You may contact the Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Police Department at:
(703)588-2800 or (703)588-2801.

Mike Howard, Public Affairs Director