Friday, August 16, 2019

VIDEO: King County Justifies Abuse of Citizen by Security Officer Theodore Griffin

(Seattle, WA) - An investigative video shot at King County Metro's lost and found location shows county Security Officers, identified as Theodore Griffin and Johnnie Horn, invade the personal space of a citizen photographer in an apparent effort to violate the man's civil rights, restrict his free movement, and/or cause unjust physical confrontation.

According to the photographer:
"Neither one of these officers had a clue about the U.S. Constitution, the First Amendment, Public Photography or how to deal with the public. And yes, the public includes someone engaged in an activity that they deem "suspicious". I would have been more than happy to speak to and explain to both of them why I was there and to educate them on our rights as citizen journalists and on public photography, but their gestapo like tactics utterly ruined the chances of that outcome."

Following this incident the victim made contact with DES Strategic Manager Christina Gonzalez. Gonzalez completed an investigation into the matter, but found no wrongdoing by the officers. Other journalists have followed up on the story with King County and were also met with attempted civil rights violations, this time by King County Manager Brandon Banks.