Monday, November 25, 2019

Seattle Police Label Local Man "Hazard" After He Asserts Constitutional Rights & Records Them

(Seattle, WA) - A man who has recorded his interactions with multiple police agencies in Western Washington has been labeled a "hazard" by the Seattle Police Department. The man's YouTube channel, Auditing the USA, features both positive and negative, consensual and non-consentual interactions with local police.

One of the videos shows the man go to the North Seattle Police Department in order to ask questions about being marked as a hazard. Another video shows him at the Lynnwood Police Department asking questions about police vehicles and governemnt spending.

According to Auditing The USA, its purpose is "to bring knowledge and awareness about The First Amendment Rights about the Constitution for The United States of America" and to "ensure all people are treated equal by all law enforcement agencies state officials and government entities."

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