Wednesday, November 20, 2019

VIDEO: Park City Police Force Unlawful Entry, Then Conspire To Persecute Citizen with Petty False Charges

(Utah) A man in Park City asserts his 4th and 5th amendment rights, police then violate him, seemingly in retaliation for the assertions, and conspire to persecute him with petty charges. As for the original crime they were detaining him for? They don't seem to know.

Phone : (435) 615-5500
Personnel: Sgt Thor & Officer James Rodriguez

01:11 - Man opens door and comes outside
01:20 - Man shakes hands with officer and asks them to identify
01:23 - Officer fails to identify
01:30 - 01:37 - Man asserts Fifth Amendment rights
01:30 - Park City Police violate the 4th Amendment in retaliation
02:04 - Man defends 4th Amendment
04:55 - Park City Police say search was due to "your attitude"
05:31 - Officer tells kid to "don't walk up behind me"
06:23 - Kids defend 4th Amendment
09:16 - Park City Police conspire to persecute citizen with petty false charges

"This is an edit of footage from 9.29.19 incident, acquired through public records request. It clearly shows Officer Rodriguez as the aggressor and and out of control madman. You will also see witness statements and how police conspire to fabricate charges to cover their own mess. Please let Park City Utah PD know how you feel."


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