Monday, June 15, 2020

Seattle Police Intimidation FAIL: King County Downtown Public Health Center Want Constitutional Rights Violated

A man visits the King County Downtown Public Health Center ( Covid-19 screening site and records from unrestricted public space. King County workers and Seattle Police respond by violating a myriad of laws and ethical codes (listed below) as they attempt to convert constitutional rights into a crime.

Also see the Part 2 / Follow Up.

0:00 - INTRO
1:25 - Email tip
1:31 - Security approaches and makes several false statements
7:30 - Front of King County Downtown Public Health Center
8:42 - King County manager approaches and stands 1 foot away from me
10:09 - King County manager makes physical contact with ATUSA
11:02 - King County puts hand in my face during cam-back
13:03 - King County medical guy accuses me of doing what he's doing
13:48 - 14:44 - Security # 2 makes false claims and is proven wrong by reality
15:04 - "Do you hope they're (police) going to violate our civil rights when they get here?"
16:42 - Seattle Police arrive, try to intimidate and make fools of themselves
20:04 - Seattle Police officer has ever heard of SPD's ethical policing manual
21:11 - I request for a supervisor
23:21 - "Did you know you were called here to violate constitutional rights?"
25:20 - Officer tries to force me onto the property he ordered me to stay off of
26:15 - Officer: "I've been doing this for 12 years"
26:31 - I can't hold my tongue
26:48 - "...Men in costumes..."
27:18 - Sergeant arrives, is rude and refuses my 5.140 complaint
29:34 - Sergeant: "Are they committing any crimes right now?"
30:15 - Sergeant identifies
30:26 - Dismissed
30:37 - Truth hurts ("spinning")
31:14 - I talk to livestream viewers
32:29 - Dismissed again
33:07 - Truth hurts #2
33:47 - Eye contact + drives of shame
34:53 - Truth hurts #3 + Security dances
35:58 - Debrief with ATUSA
37:11 - "They do things like that here"
37:57 - Talking to livestream + conclusion
39:35 - Watch the uncut live-streamed follow-Up:

 United States Constitution, A. #1, #4, #14
- Washington State Constitution Article I, SEC. 1-35
- RCW 9A.04.020 "Principles of construction"
- RCW 9A.36.070 "Coercion"
- RCW 9A.52.090 “Criminal Trespass—Defenses”
- RCW 9A.72.080 “Statement of what one does not know to be true”
- RCW 9A.80.010 "Official Misconduct (Abuse of Office)"
- RCW 9A.84.010 "Criminal Mischief"
- King County Ethics Code 3.04.015(b) "Policy"
- King County Ethics Code 3.04.020(b/g) "Just & Equitable Treatment"
- Seattle City Ethics Code. 4.16.020 "Purpose"
- S.M.C. 14.06.010 - .030 "Unfair Public Accommodations Practices"
- 5.001-POL "Standards & Duties"
- 5.140-POL "Bias-Free Policing"
- 6.220-POL - "Voluntary Contacts, Terry Stops and Detentions"
- 18 U.S.Code § 241 "Conspiracy Against Rights"
- 18 U.S.Code § 245 "Federally Protected Activities"

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This public video record was made in public space for educational and spiritual purposes. It contains no sensitive personal financial information or private information. The characters, subjects, methods and ethics under consideration in this performative documentary and/or ethnography, and its manner of production are guaranteed by natural law and applicable Federal and State laws including the supreme law of the land, the United States Constitution.

The people in this video are not "uniquely identifiable." This public video ethnography is protected by Federal Law under Section 107 of the 1976 Copyright Act, wherein allowance is made for «fair use» for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.


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